The new frontiers of diagnostics, such as personalized medicine, patient domiciliation, precision agriculture and food control in every point of the supply chain, requires new analysis methods based on rapid, easy, transportable and economic methods, maintaining a reliability standard at laboratory level. PoC (Point of Care) summarizes this new concept of monitoring. The analysis is performed where they are needed, a bed, a house, a clinic, a factory or a field. POC biochemical analysis are challeging, but the potential impact is enormous. LOCs, Laboratory on Chips, are currently enjoying a lot of interest in the field of diagnostics. LOCs are glass or polymer devices in which biological protocols are performed in a few square centimeters. There are several applications, but substantially the three main categories are cell sorting, genomic analysis (DNA, RNA) and immuno-enzymatic analysis.

EliChipTM fits in this latter context. EliChipTM is an innovative system for performing POC enzyme immunoassays, based on a disposable LoC card and a reader for handling reagents and reading the results.

EliChipTM allows non-specialized personnel to perform quantitative low-cost analysis on single sample.

The validity of the method and its feasibility have been demonstrated with an alpha prototype. EliChipTM is ready for the industrialization.

EliChipTM is a breakthrough proprietary & patented technology to bring laboratory on field

Portable, easy to use, quantitative immuno-diagnostic assay for:

Food control

Veterinary diagnostics

Medical diagnostics

Technological solution

EliChipTM is composed of:

Disposable and ready to use Lab-on-Chip (LOC) cards containing immunoassays reagents

Portable, ready to use, automated reader able to manage the microfluidics protocols, read and display results and connect to devices: USB or wifi

Insert the sample in the card

Plug the card into the reader

Result in 20-60 min.

Insert the sample in the card

Plug the card into the reader

Result in 20-60 min.


EliChipTM cards have 4 reaction lines. They can perform:

  • A true quantitative analysis on one sample per card, with 2 calibration points with standard solutions and a blank.
  • 4 semi-quantitative samples.


EliChipTM is suitable where you need the precision of lab in shorter time on-field

Rapid test EliChip Lab Analysis
Time to results Minutes Minutes/hours Hours/days
On-field analysis yes yes no
Skilled operator Not requested Not requested Compulsory
Sample preparation Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes
Test cost low low Medium-high
Instrumentation cost low low high
Quantitative no yes yes
Selectivity low High (as ELISA) high
Accuracy low High (as ELISA) high
Sensitivity low High (as ELISA) high


EliChipTM is a ready and working a prototype


EliChipTM has been designed to perform different types of ELISA analysis.

TRL 7 successfully tested on:












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