Technological assessments

Technological assessments

We provide technology assessments tailored on industrial business case.
Our uniqueness are our scientific background, multidisciplinary approach and experience in different fields.
Emerging trends, feasibility study, technology scouting, critical review, state of the art: we assure high level of concreteness and specificity.
Most of time, companies are focused on production, so they cannot allocate enough time and competence to investigate long- and short-term technology evolution. However, to maintain a competitive edge it is essential to continuously update the business strategy.
Our service is an effective way to overcame present issues and move to future.

Why choose us?

  • We screen a large spectrum of opportunities and select the fittest for your needs
  • Outsourcing technical assessment give you an external point of view, opening your horizon to new and fresh ideas
  • We give an independent point of view to drive the choice of technology and material suppliers according to the requirements.

Thanks to our competence in chemistry, material science and engineering, we are able to set up IOT sensing system for special applications in which conventional analyzers are not effective.
Our competence in chemistry, material science and engineering are made available to our costumers to set up IOT sensing systems in a strong synergic cooperation.

We define the monitoring strategy starting from the identification of the representative parameters. Probes are selected according to process constrains and are characterized with lab test using real samples. After the installation data are analyzed and compared with traditional test for the calibration. Data output is tunable on your need: from alert to connection with management platform.



Material selection

Material improvements



Green technology

Bio plastics



Point of care applications

Probe selection

Sensing systems





Case study



Food packaging in the net 10 years

Aim od he project
provide guidelines for the definition of the R&D strategy of a food packaging company.

Firstly, we have described a whole scenario identifing the trends in food packaging, such as sustainability and safety. Then, we have tailored the research focusing on material and process of the customer interests.
The outcome is an overview of the research activities, currently underway, concerning food packaging technologies with different level of development.

2 month


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