Funded projects

Funded projects

FLAMIN-GO’s VISION is to provide an organ-on-chip solution opening a new avenue towards personalized care in rheumatoid arthritis

Currently there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis. Remission of symptoms is more likely when treatment begins early. Nowadays therapies are still allocated on a “trial and error”. Approximately 40% of rheumatoid arthritis patients fail.
A new personalized approach is request

EliChipTM will be connected to the organ-on-chip in order to detect and quantify cytokines, LDH and ROS as inflammation markers.
The same markers are important for many other pathologies!

Research Fellowship Programme

Precision medicine for musculoskeletal regeneration, prosthetics, and active ageing

The ultimate goal of the ITN PREMUROSA project is to train a new generation of scientists with an integrated vision of the whole value chain in musculo-skeletal regeneration technologies and able to boost the necessary innovations to achieve precision principles in developing innovative devices and optimized clinical applications.

Trustech will pool its microfluidic platform and its capability to develop specific surface modifications for other partner’s requests

Smart 3D Polymeric Devices Production Chain

Development of additive manufacturing process for the realization of polymeric smart device (e. g. electronics board, sensors.. )
Trustech was engaged in FEBO, flexible electronic board).
We provide metal deposition on flexible thermoplastic substrate.
We manage the development of optical guide for the transmission of information realized by FDM 3D printing techniques.

Create an integrated digital platform to improve quality and safety agri-food production.

The FDM project brings the concept of “Intelligent Factory” in the agri-food context:

  • real time control in the production and the supply chain
  • improve efficiency, limit random variability and waste
  • monitor product distribution
  • verify consumer satisfaction.

Trustech develops ElichipR, a point of Care diagnostic platform able to perform quantitative immunoenzymatically assay. ElichipR has been used to analyze aflatoxin and gliadine in different matrix.


Develop and validate a device for the identification of illicit substances in food

The aim of the project is to develop and validate more sensitive and versatile methods of analysis to identify illicit substances in food.
Cantilever microbalances represent one of the most promising techniques currently under development. They are characterized by a high sensitivity that allows the quantification of extremely low concentrations of analytes. The silicon cantilever is chemically functionalized with a specific probe that recognizes and selectively binds the target analyte (e,g, antibody-antigen). The interactions probe-target modify the mechanical response of the system. These variations are easily analyzed by optical or electronic read-out tools.

Environment LIve SEnsing

The aim of ELISE is to monitor Air quality engaging people and make them active citizen-scientist.
A low cost portable sensor have been designed, realized and tested. Georeferenced data gathered from the sensors (temperature moisture and NO2 concentration) are uploaded by means of a smarphone to the central server. A Computational model have been implemented to simulate the pollutant diffusion.

Miniaturized sensor for H2S and other toxic gases through nanostructures
The SMASH-GAMING project aims to exploit the advantages of semiconductor sensors, sensitivity and low cost, overcoming their limitations, selectivity and durability.

Design of the MEM
Multiphysics and FEM simulations of micromembrane heating

Nanostructured sensing material:
Synthesis and
deposition of ZnO

MEMS realization
Back-side bulk micromachining process (Trustech cleanroom)

Electronic interface
management, reading, wireless data sending

Characterization and calibration
heating and H2S concentration measurement (3.5 and 10ppm)

On-field testing
installation on a biogas extraction well in the Pianezza

Feasibility study: microfluidic system for diagnostic application. Detectin of BDV (Diarrea virale bovina) in the stable


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